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Goa's brief history:

The colonial rule of 450 years by the Portuguese left lots of legacy for the Goans and Indians to cherish. Goa, being India’s smallest state is blessed with lots of natural wealth, the charming and hospitable people, the temples and churches, white-gold beaches, rivers, wonderful cuisine, historical monuments & magnificent colorful architecture and small is always amazing.

Many rulers have left their history for the future generations to understand their past, and all must have enjoyed the beautiful pristine beaches of Goa, spices etc. But, the Portuguese settled down for quite a long and thus established their system of governance, influence of their culture on Goan people and that very well blended with some of them and today it reflects in every Goan household. The people of Goa, are called Goans and not Goanese like some call. The Christian and Hindu are two main communities of Goa with less figures of other to mention.

Culture & Lifestyle:

Goan pride lies in their lifestyle, sometimes ‘susegad’. The Goan Culture is very rich and one can enjoy lovely folk dances of both the communities, art and artistic works which are beyond one’s magination. You need just days of holiday to experience Goa in depth. Goans speak Konkani language and is popular beyond Goa’s geographical borders and are very proud to be called Indians and every Goan live their life like a True Goan.

Festivals and Celebrations are part and lifestyle of every Goan. They love occasions and feasts to come often which gets them very close to their relations and friends. Goans like to do shopping and love shopping festivals whenever they come to town.

Music is something that you will notice is in every Goan blood. Sports like Football & Cricket are very famous but Football gets the Goans very crazy.

People of Goa has always lived in harmony for ages, they are God fearing. They are always friendly and ready to mix with you, host you and invite you as a Guest. Come and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, beaches and lovely authentic Goan sea food, you’ll never forget the glorious holiday you had in life, that too in Goa.