Welcome to Adventure Goa

The colonial rule of 450 years by the Portuguese left lots of legacy for the Goans and Indians to cherish. Goa, India's smallest state is blessed with lots of natural resources, the charming and hospitable people, the temples and churches, white-gold beaches, rivers, wonderful cuisine, historical monuments & magnificient colourful architecture and small is always amazing.

Many rulers came and went and probably all came to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Goa, spices etc. But, the Portuguese settled down for quite a long and thus established their system of governance, influence of their culture on Goan people and that very well blended with some of them and today it reflects in every Goan household. We, people of Goa, are called Goans and not Goanese like some call us. Please, we never had any blood relation with Chinese or Japanese. The Christian and Hindu are two big communities in Goa with less figures of other communities to mention.

We are proud to be Goan, our lifestyle resembles like Brasilian, a south american nation which was also a Portuguese colony. To enjoy our lovely folk dances of both the communities, art and artistic works beyond imagination one needs just days of holiday to experience Goa in depth. Seriously, we are also proud to be Indian and every Goan live their life as a honorary citizen of India. Our Heart and Soul lives in Goa no matter where we physically work and live.

Adventure Goa, an exciting name of our business just to make you realise that its we who can give you the professional services in the activities we are in like Car Hire, Taxi Services, Car Rentals, Holiday Homes and Hotel Bookings. We like to introduce our selves as very hospitable and courteous folks who are ever ready to assist you while on your holiday. Chose your time and make it here, you will never find a land like Goa and its Goans anywhere in India and in the World.

Goa has three types of season like Monsoon during which the local populace gets busy in the field and agriculture activities. There's only indoor activity of entertaining can work due to heavy monsoon showers. So get wet if you like the rain. Post monsoon season, the festival of Diwali begins in every Hindu family. With this, the tourist season starts and begin to bring smiles on business community. Now comes the Winter Season and its time to celebrate the Christmas by the sizeable Christian population. At this point of time, the season goes in full swing. The last season of Summer is a season of joy because the holidays for the school children begin which last for two months and during this time of the year its fun to be on the beaches, soak in the water and go full sleevless. Life is western here. So its very very easy to get unnoticed and yet enjoy like a tourist.

The present and modern Goa still taste the same like a matured wine in a new glass of bottle. I mean to say that no matter how you try to influence us with your offers, we will check what is good for us.

Education system is quite good inspite of language issues, Goans are better talkers and walkers of English language. We speak Konkani which is our mother tongue, Marathi because confluence of people from Maharashtra and Goa, Hindi because its our national language and then the migrants from Karnataka are slowly establishing Kannada language. Though we have some good cities around the state, the roads are always chaotic, narrow streets, no traffic signals exception to one near the airport, at rest places...you got to see each others face and look for your turn to cross the road.
Festivals and Celebrations are part and lifestyle of every Goan. We love occasions and feasts to come often which gets us very close to our relations and friends. We like to do shopping and love shopping festivals whenever they come to town.

Music is something that you will notice is in every Goan blood. Sports like Football & Cricket are very famous but Football gets the Goans very crazy.
People of Goa has always lived in harmony for ages, they are God fearing. We are always friendly and ready to mix with you, host you and invite you as our Guest. Come and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, beaches and lovely authentic goan sea food. Yum yum, you'll never forget the glorious holiday you had in life, that too in Goa.